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The Good Ship Band arrive in 2017 in rude health. It's been over 6 years since they first played to friends in the freezing cold, crammed into the top floor of a barn in Kent. They used to talk of 'getting signed' but what does that really mean anymore? They've been there and it's never what it seems. Ed admits that he used to write the same overblown biography as everyone else - 'They've worked with artists such as Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen' ie. they once passed them at the airport - but where does that truly get anyone in the end? So it's time for some honesty.

People often ask why you carry on when life could be a whole lot easier. You could point to when the band play at festivals and people are heard to say, 'That singer and those songs were the best I heard all day'. They only get occasional airplay yet why do they sell out of albums at so many gigs? They never claim to be ground-breakingly original yet whenever talk of 'genres' and 'scenes' arise it's clear that Jez and Ed are still on the outside looking in. They write perfectly crafted pop songs on acoustic guitar that unashamedly seek what it means to be human; but does that make them 'acoustic pop'? Perhaps but not exactly.


Things have calmed down a little of course. Jez used to stroll naked around Glastonbury; he only does that at home now. Jim used to buy an amp every month but now only purchases one every 6 weeks. Simon used to start work at 4pm but these days he's raring to go by 3:30. Back when it all started in 2009, Ed wore ancient thick-rimmed glasses and a moth-holed cardigan; unfortunately he still does but that's sort of how it should be. They have stuck to who they are, to what they believe in, and they write the music because they feel bereft without it. If that isn't a good reason to check out a band then what is?


So with the new mindset comes the long-awaited new album, The Good Ship Band - Part 4; arguably their finest yet. A fresh collection of songs for you, the listener, yet what feels like a dip into their back catalogue for the band, the writers. Kids, houses, life - it does that.