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"A great sound & great writing." Terry Scully - 4 Real Records


"Absolutely brilliant, great songs and a very entertaining performance."

Ellie Coden - Fierce Panda


"The Good Ship Band gave an unbelievable performance at last year's Local & Live Festival, resulting in a standing ovation from the thousands present."

Paul Dunton - Festival Director


"Wow, 'Jesus I Need Some Peace' is a top song! It's great - very very catchy and melodic... good vocal style with great pop sensibility and songwriting."

Dale Olivier - Matchbox Recordings


"A distinctive voice and nice writing."

Paul Birch - Revolver Records


"The Good Ship Band is a quality act. You Yourself & You Again has to be a hit for the group in the USA."

Mataya Clifford - Black Magic Records


"Boomerang Girl is great! A cut above." Stephen Sullivan - Invicta FM


"Very impressive....excellent music."

Andy Ward - Musoplex/Raven Music


"Great vocals and really good songs."

Carrie Davies - Halfmoon, Putney


"Like a young, more melodic Springsteen."

Mark Fried - President of Spirit Music


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